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Having the right tool for the right application, can make all the difference in the world. At Tri Tool we’re committed to providing the most innovative solutions to tube and pipe alignment in the construction industry, worldwide. That’s why we have partnered with Walhonde Tools to offer precision tube and pipe alignment clamps.

Walhonde Tools alignment and pipe clamps are built to the finest standards of quality to perform with utmost reliability in the toughest workplaces possible. The line of high-quality, rugged and dependable tube and pipe clamps complements our portable machine tools to produce an excellent choice for tube and pipe welding needs.

Click on the product category below to find the accessories available at this time. Keep checking back as we continue to add tool bits, parts, accessories and product.

Walhonde Top Liner - Carbon Steel

Walhonde Top Liner - Stainless Steel

Walhonde Top Liner - Revolution Gen III